Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Topical Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic Acid serves as a humectant or moisturizer for the skin. The most effective form of Vitamin B5 for topical application is Panthenol which is the alcohol version. Panthenol penetrates the skin and hair efficiently compared to pantothenic acid. But Pantothenic Acid applied topically also affects the level of moisturization of the skin.

Since panthenol is a bit difficult to find over the counter, we are going to make a topical vitamin B5 by just using Pantothenic Acid capsules or tablets dissolved in water or 70% ethyl alcohol/30% water. For oily skin, use dissolve the Pantothenic Acid in 70% alcohol 30% water solution for better skin penetration.

For dry skin, the Vitamin B5 distilled water combination should be sufficient enough. There are anecdotal evidence that topical Vitamin B5 also helps in the reduction on the oil produced by sebaceous glands of the face. Do not mix Vitamin B5 capsules with Vitamin C capsules or tablets in water solution as they would react and cancel each other.


Secret said...

Vitamin B5 is all-natural and water-soluble. Vitamin B5 restores conventional hormonal good balance to the entire body. Be sure to not require an excessive amount because doing so might create, aggravate the acne situation.

WonderDoc said...

I've taken B5 for about 2 months and I had a breakout a month in. I upped the dosage to 10 g a day and also took B complex and biotin and a month later I am mostly clear, save a few zits here and there. I'm still skeptical as to see how this stuff will work in the long run but for now I'm happy with the results I'm getting. I'm also using niacinamide gel in the mornings and retin-a in the evenings. I've been using niacinamide for about two weeks so the jury's still out on that one.
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Josh said...

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Chelsey said...

A powerful body lotion can do wonders for your skin. This type of product features a soft aloe based build that can easily move into your skin.
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Riley Williams said...

Vitamin B5 works by reducing the oil production of the sebaceous glands.  This is done by increasing coenzyme, which increases the metabolic breakdown of oils by the normal activity of cell physiology.

Elson Cade said...

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john smith said...

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